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Mitchell, Dr. Henry H., Lynchburg VA College, “I Sat Where They Sat” Side A, Right Student Side B

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Martin Luther King Fellows In Black Religious Studies, Inc. Collection

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Dr. Henry Mitchell delivers a sermon to Lynchburg College in Virginia on bridge type preaching. He takes his sermon from chapter three of the book of Ezekiel. Also included is a sermon by the Rev. Billy Graham on church decline, followed by presentation by an unidentified man on the Apostle Paul and Christian growth.

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00:00:05 Audio begins with Dr. Henry Mitchell praying.

00:01:16 Dr. Henry Mitchell talks about how glad he is to be there and thanks President Sutherland.

00:03:55 Invites audience attention to a very important question.

00:04:36 Talks about how not all preaching has the power or intent to unite and how he will attempt bridge type preaching.

00:06:00 Talks about what he suggests is found in the words of the Apostle Paul.

00:07:00 Suggests that preaching not only has to join the culture and the way people talk but it has to join their lives.

00:07:11 Calls attention to Ezekiel 3:15 and last part of verse.

00:15:49 Talks about not getting the idea of a person being sentenced based on what father did.

00:21:55 Talks about the need for the Black church get closer to Black youth.

00:27:23 Talks about militants loving God.

00:30:01 Talks about how Jesus did it (sat with outcasts).

00:31:59 Audio returns unidentified male talking about Billy Graham crusade and singing.

00:39:28 Rev. Billy Graham talks about statistics of church attendance show a decline.

00:42:34 Suggests every member begin where the disciples began witch is a genuine conversion.

00:44:28 Talks about returning the church to the biblical discipline and new Puritanism.

00:49:43 Prayer.

00:50:11 Singing.

00:51:18 Unidentified man talks about God and thinking about the other world.

00:56:27 Talks about how Paul never talks about his own immaturity.

00:59:57 Talks about the goal which seems so difficult to grasp because it is otherworldly.

01:03:38 Audio ends.


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