[Preaching as Pastoral Care, 2 of 2]

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Mitchell, Dr. Henry H., Pastoral Care Side (2 of 2)


Henry Mitchell

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Martin Luther King Fellows In Black Religious Studies, Inc. Collection

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Dr. Henry Mitchell continues his lecture on pastoral care at the time of death as a part of ministry. He talks about visiting cancer patients, dealing with families and planning memorial services, and how people deal with death.

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00:00:05 Audio begins with Dr. Mitchell talking about meaning in death and passes sheet around for attendance.

00:07:31 Talks about bringing his dad’s cancer and talking to cancer patients and the will of God.

00:15:52 Talks about going to a funeral parlor and talking with the family to arrange a suitable memorial.

00:23:34 Talks about ecological concern and Black culture.

00:35:42 Talks about Rev. Hurst and how people don’t want him to know about their education.

00:36:10 Talks about recognizing what happens after the funeral and that death is one facet of life.

00:42:32 Talks about alcohol and how people deal with death.

00:44:57 Audio cuts off.

00:45:28 Audio returns with Dr. Mitchell talking about his time in Africa.

00:51:43 Talks about when a person has no minster and finding one within family system. Also talks about the preaching fee for a funeral.

01:05:39 Dr. Mitchell concludes the lecture and talks about his latest book.

01:10:01 Prayer.

01:11:06 Audio ends.


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