[Preaching as a Meaningful Experience]

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Mitchell, Dr. Henry H., Preaching as a Meaningful Experience, Lynchburg VA College


Henry Mitchell

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Martin Luther King Fellows In Black Religious Studies, Inc. Collection

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Dr. Henry Mitchell delivers a lecture on preaching as a meaningful experience. In the lecture, he discusses preaching to man’s unconscious level. He also explains the importance of artistry to the task of preaching.

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00:00:05 Audio begins with Dr. Henry Mitchell talking about the unconscious level and how to gain access to the unconscious man.

00:01:31 Talks about Black preaching at its best communicates primarily not by argument but by art, as its states the logically irrefutable ways that are artistically and experientially irresistible.

00:02:59 Talks about how speech and song tend to give realistic pictures or dramas of experience and of truth and this is what art is for.

00:05:07 Talks about how the really artistic Black preacher is capable of a kind of replay or rerun of an experience and the experience is meaningful as opposed to meaningful argument.

00:11:32 Talks about saturating oneself in the details during preparation of a sermon.

00:14:50 Talks about how preaching must relate to the deepest needs of people in their terms.

00:27:06 Talks about being the real me and trusting people.

00:37:14 Talks about first rule of preaching trans-consciously and taking time for the idea to sink in and the second rule is that narratives are more effective than essays.

00:45:51 Talks about anti Trinitarian formula and Baptism.

00:50:45 Talks about the omnipotence of God.

00:53:13 Talks about stories having life-like details.

00:58:55 Talks about dealing with sermon from the Black perspectives, concerns, and motifs.

01:02:05 Audio ends.


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