[Preaching as Rooted in Folk Culture]

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Mitchell, Dr. Henry H., Preaching as Rooted in Folk Culture


Henry Mitchell

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Martin Luther King Fellows In Black Religious Studies, Inc. Collection

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Dr. Henry Mitchell delivers a lecture on Black preaching. In the lecture he discusses the importance of unconscious emotions to preaching. Dr. Mitchell also explains how the emotions are intellectual, and discusses the intersection of African traditions and Christianity.

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00:00:05 Audio begins with Dr. Mitchell talking about the unconscious in Black culture being extremely important.

00:00:25 Talks about when preaching, there is a need to ask what part of the man one is preaching to.

00:01:23 Suggests as one is deals with a unique clarity and intensity of understanding religion, it is much more bound up in the unconscious.

00:01:58 Talks about how Black religion operates much more in the conscious and the unconscious than perhaps is true of other religions.

00:04:11 Talks about how a great deal of what we do and say and decisions we make are actually determined by unconscious processes usually called emotions and how emotions have content and to the extent they have direction.

00:05:13 Talks about book called “African Religions and Philosophy” and contact religion and instant religion.

00:14:04 Talks about taking risk when he does a lecture at Yale.

00:19:44 Talks about cultural script and collective unconsciousness.

00:2:41 Talks about assuming God was going to bring us out and Abraham Lincoln and Africans not having hell.

00:30:56 Talks about tonality in Black preaching.

00:36:45 Talks about White evangelist George Whitfield and projecting and toning.

00:38:41 Talks about book “The Documentary History of the Negro” and Charles Lisle and his report on the preaching of Andrew Marshall at the First African Baptist church in Savannah and the musicality of his preaching.

00:42:54 Talks about African tradition being influenced by the Christian tradition.

00:51:29 Talks about gradualism, retreat and the cause of justice in the Black church.

00:54:05 Talks about Paul Tillich and translating what he says to Black culture.

00:55:46 Talks about how everyone in the world needs to follow same rule and the power structure of man.

00:85:56 Concludes lecture.

00:59:00 Dr. Mitchell talks about Whitfield.

01:02:04 Audio ends.


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