[The Effectiveness of Preaching in Black Culture]

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Mitchell, Dr. Henry H., Process of Black Preaching


Henry Mitchell

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Martin Luther King Fellows In Black Religious Studies, Inc. Collection

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circa 1972

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Dr. Henry Mitchell gives lecture on the Black preaching tradition. He discusses examining the best of Black preaching and how the preacher chooses material for his message. He also discusses storytelling and the process of participation.

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00:00:07 Audio begins with an unidentified man introducing Dr. Henry Mitchell.

00:01:02 Reviews previous lecture and introduces subject topic, Functional Integrity: The Effectiveness of Preaching in Black Culture.

00:01:48 Talks about the cry that comes from the depths of Black persons in a crisis.

00:06:07 Talks about examining how the best of Black preaching has intuitively reached the unconscious while at the same time addressing the conscious.

00:08:24 Talks about the establishment of a vocabulary and framing discussion in typical terminology of White scholarship.

00:12:43 Talks about reaching out to God from the depths of a crisis.

00:18:48 Talks about the strength of the Black preaching tradition.

00:25:08 Gives example of meaningful experience that speaks trans-consciously.

00:29:12 Talks about how by one’s own efforts he may present to God a vessel that God will make into an artist in the pulpit.

00:31:47 Talks about following the practices of storytelling and timing.

00:36:07 Talks about how African art is never for art’s sake but for living.

00:44:12 Talks about the process of celebration and participation.

00:44:37 Talks about how hard it is to develop a new climax or new celebration for a sermon and how the celebration must come from the message of the sermon.

00:46:22 Gives illustration of how well people learn things.

00:51:21 Ends lecture.

00:51:47 Audio ends.


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