[Interview with Rev. W.C. Trotter about Grandmother who was Angolian slave]

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Trotter, Dr. W.L., Interview re: 117 year old great grandmother who remembers being kidnapped in Angola and brought to U.S. in 1795. Side 1 continued on Side 2

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Martin Luther King Fellows In Black Religious Studies, Inc. Collection

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circa 1972

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Dr. Henry Mitchell interviews Rev. W.C. Trotter, pastor of Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They discuss Rev. Trotter’s grandmother who was a slave born in Angola, Africa. Rev. Trotter explains how his grandmother was kidnapped from Africa and discusses her African religious beliefs and practices. He also discusses her stories of the ride on the slave boat from Africa to Virginia and her slave labor on a Virginia tobacco plantation.

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00:00:05 Audio begins with Dr. Henry Mitchell introducing interview with Rev. W.C. Trotter of Albuquerque New Mexico and the national director for evangelism of the National Baptist Convention U.S.A.

00:00:34 Rev. W.C. Trotter talks about his grandmother being kidnapped from West Coast of Africa (Angola) and bought to Richmond, Virginia and how she was married to a Cherokee Indian slave.

00:07:56 Mentions how his grandmother talked about having her mother, father, brothers, and sisters and talk about God and cry.

00:11:31 Talks about the worship practices (singing and praying) of his grandmother as an African and talks about how the White slave owner would beat them if caught praying.

00:14:02 Talks about preaching and quoting scripture and how he learned it.

00:21:25 Talks about great grandmother Lydia Hodge and how she was kidnapped off a beach.

00:23:40 Rev. Trotter talks about the slave owner riding on a horse with long whip and how he would hit the slave.

00:33:18 Talks about how his grandmother could sing African songs.

:43:22 Talks about discontentment of slaves.

00:52:20 Rev. Trotter talks about how Dr. Mitchell is a credit to the Christians.

00:59:25 Rev. Trotter and Dr. Mitchell talk about ministry and salary.

01:10:33 Audio becomes distorted.

01:29:26 Audio ends.


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