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M.L.K. Summer Chapel Services

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Martin Luther King Fellows In Black Religious Studies, Inc. Collection

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Rev. Dr. William Augustus Jones, pastor of Bethany Baptist Church of Brooklyn in New York, New York delivers a sermon titled “The Search for His Secret.” In the sermon, Dr. Jones discusses the prayer and its importance. Two other unidentified men deliver sermons titled “The Eye of the Lord” and “Flowers out of the Dung.”

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00:00:05 Audio begins with organ music and singing of “This Little Light of Mine”.

00:01:41 Prayer.

00:04:46 Unidentified men read scripture.

00:07:06 Singing.

00:11:42 Unidentified male welcomes those in attendance and how grateful he is for the opportunity to preach as a faculty member.

00:16:03 Prayer.

00:17:31 Talks about being tremendously thrilled by an image which is in the scripture and introduces his subject “The Eye of the Lord”, and how nothing can withdraw itself from God’s eyes.

00:32:30 Talks about the book “The Fall”.

00:40:34 Talks about how God will wipe the tears from his weeping eyes.

00:42:18 Singing.

00:47:42 Lord’s Prayer.

00:50:17 Unidentified male reads Luke 11:1-10, followed by prayer and singing.

01:00:21 Unidentified male talks about noon day worship and introduces William Jones soloist Rev. Youngblood.

01:01:52 Rev. Youngblood sings.

01:07:17 Rev. William Jones greets those in attendance and gives opening remarks.

01:10:00 Introduces and reads Luke 11:1.

01:10:45 Introduces subject “The Search for His Secret”.

01:17:45 Talks about how Jesus has a way of catching up with him.

01:28:01 Talks about how prayer will carry one through any storm and how prayer is a posture.

01:32:50 Talks about valley of affliction and sister who has been trusting God for a long time.

01:34:08 Audio returns with William Jones talking about how God ever loves and cares for his own.

01:40:18 Unidentified male gives remarks.

01:41:44 Organ music and singing.

01:44:59 Unidentified male prays.

01:50:30 Unidentified male gives remarks, and talks about task to preach.

01:53:40 Directs attention to Luke 13 and introduces subject “Flowers out of the Dung”.

01:54:55 Talks about how Jesus wants disciples to know what the kingdom is about.

02:02:24 Talks about parable of Jesus follows pattern of the Old Testament and the barren tree.

02:14:01 Audio ends.


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