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M.L.K. Summer Chapel Services

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Martin Luther King Fellows In Black Religious Studies, Inc. Collection

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Dr. Henry Mitchell and Rev. Charles Hamilton deliver short sermons. Dr. Mitchell delivers a sermon on education and community. He explains the model of education must be community. Dr. Mitchell also speaks against the competitive spirit of the Western world. Rev. Charles Hamilton delivers sermon on a confused world. In the sermon, he offers Jesus as the solution to the problems of humanity. Also included are several musical selections and a presentation by an unidentified woman (audio hard to hear).

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00:00:05 Audio begins with organ playing.

00:03:59 Unidentified man leads a devotional hymn, “Blessed Assurance”.

00:06:55 Unidentified man reads John 1:1-14.

00:11:13 Organ playing and choir sings.

00:18:06 Organ plays “He Sweet I Know”.

00:21:45 Unidentified man talks about how Duke Ellington was a gentleman at all-times and how his music helped shape culture.

00:55:39 Unidentified woman speaks about the organ and reads from the common Bible (sound distorted).

01:03:03 Unidentified man introduces musical selection “We Are Climbing Jacobs Ladder”.

01:05:45 Dr. Henry Mitchell prays, reads First Corinthians 12:12.

01:14:03 Talks about Black family and the competitive spirit of the Western world.

01:18:40 Talks about how victory is mutually achieved and when one brother thrives all thrive.

01:26:15 Prayer and music.

01:31:04 Dr. Henry Mitchell gives the Benediction.

01:36:32 Unidentified man introduces St. Julian Simpson to lead in prayer.

01:43:25 Brother Kofi reads scripture (Luke 9:51-60).

01:47:06 Musical selection “Yield Not to Temptation”.

02:05:25 Musical selection “Glory to his Name”.

02:06:05 Unidentified woman introduces service of worship of the Martin Luther King Jr. Fellows program at Colgate Rochester Divinity School at Crozier Seminary in Rochester New York.

02:08:36 Musical Selection “Oh How I love Jesus”, “Have Thine Own Way”.

02:15:12 Unidentified man introduces Brother Carter as soloist and Rev. Charles Hamilton as the person who will bring the word of God from the New Testament.

02:16:18 Brother Carter sings “By Way Oh Lord”.

02:20:30 Rev. Charles Hamilton reads gospel of Mark 5:1-17.

02:23:41 Rev. Charles Hamilton talks about living in a world torn asunder by people who are confused and how they seek in the wrong place for solutions to their problems.

02:43:16 Prayer.

02:44:48 Musical Selections “Pass Me Not Oh Gentle Savior”, “Precious Lord”, “Have Thine Own Way”.

03:08:25 Unidentified woman talks about reflecting on worship experience (audio hard to hear).

03:22:16 Audio ends.


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