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Opoku, Kofi, Sects in Ghana Side 1 [August 24, 1970], Spiritual Churches in Ghana Side 2 [July 29, 1972]


Kofi Opoku

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In this recording, Kofi Opoku gives a presentation on African sects. In his presentation he discusses the emergence of churches within Africa, explains how Africans sought freedom from white missionary control, and discusses the history of early Christianity in Africa.

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00:00:04 Audio begins with discussion about group forced out of the Methodist church.

00:01:18 Discusses how African churches emerge as the result of excessive paternalism by Europeans.

00:13:11 Discusses how the new church provided a response to the changing times by establishing new foundations and new groupings of people in which they found a sense of belonging.

00:24:04 Talks about the history of Christianity in Africa, and four attempts to plant the religion on the continent including Egypt. He also talks about the early church fathers.

00:31:06 Dr. Henry Mitchell introduces Kofi Opoku (religion researcher at the institute for African Studies at the University of Ghana), and the lecture topic, “African Sects.”

00:32:16 Opoku discusses Christian missionary churches in Ghana.

00:37:40 Talks about the National Baptist Church in West Africa and African American Episcopal Zion Church in Africa.

00:45:34 Talks about Africans wish for freedom from missionary control and the twelve apostles church.

01:02:08 Audio ends.


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