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Opoku, Kofi, Traditional African Religion [July 19, 1972]

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Martin Luther King Fellows In Black Religious Studies, Inc. Collection

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In this recording, Kofi Opoku delivers a lecture on Traditional African Religion. In the lecture he discusses the relationship between the Akan African religious heritage and social organization. Opoku also explains ancestor worship and the role of God in African myths and legends.

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00:00:04 Audio begins with Henry Mitchell introducing Kofi Opoku.

00:00:19 Kofi Opolu introducing his presentation on the most important religious beings in African religious heritage and how African social organization is reflected in religious beliefs.

00:03:06 Discusses the names Africans gave God using Akan language.

00:15:45 Talks about the most common name given to God in the Akan language.

00:17:35 Talks about how God is mentioned in many African proverbs as a God of fairness and justice.

00:24:35 Talks about how God always regarded as an ancestor or grandfather.

00:33:01 Talks about how God is prominent in African myths and legends.

00:54:41 Talks about the traditional African worship of God.

01:13:48 Audio ends.


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