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Martin Luther King Fellows In Black Religious Studies, Inc. Collection

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circa 1971

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In this recording, two men discuss the history of Black Baptist churches in Virginia. Preachers such as Rev. W.T. Johnson, Rev. John Jaspers, and Rev. James Holmes are discussed. Churches such as the First African Baptist church are also mentioned. The two men also discuss the Lott Carey, and National Baptist Conventions, and convention splits.

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00:00:03 Audio begins with discussing W.T. Johnson and Virginia Union.

00:09:14 Unidentified man talks about the general consensus of preachers like Z.D. Lewis, R.O. Johnson, A.C. Brown, W.F. Graham, R.T. Hill, M.B. Jones, W.T. Jones, R. H. Holmes, and R.E. Wells, were among the great preachers of Richmond, VA from the period of 1884-1925.

00:17:04 Discusses a letter written by Rev. W.T. Johnson of the Union Theological Seminary.

00:26:52 Talks about the organization of the First African Baptist Church of Virginia and Lott Carey.

00:32:22 Unidentified man talks about insurance companies dependence on ministers for its clients and how people looked up to what the preacher said.

00:36:47 Talks about Rev. John Jaspers and his popularity and the passing of slavery.

00:47:50 Talks about Rev. James Holmes and his lack of training, preaching, and managerial ability.

01:01:55 Audio ends.


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