[Negritude and Black Identity]

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Ausah, Dr. P.A.V., Negritude



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Dr. Ausah gives presentation on Negritude. In the presentation he explains the connection between Negritude and Pan-Africanism. Dr. Ausah also quotes form Frantz Fanon’s book “Black Skin White Masks” and gives a description of British and French colonialism and their impact on Black identity.

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00:00:05 Audio begins with male speaking about Negritude and introduces Dr. Ausah.

00:00:51 Dr. Ausah talks about how he can only talk about certain aspects of Negritude and quotes from Frantz Fanon’s “Black Skin White Masks”.

00:07:49 Talks about Langston Hughes.

00:11:28 Talks about colonial history and the British colonial system and how people in the colonies were allowed a certain amount of culture.

00:14:24 Talks about acceptance of Euro-African community, assimilation and how Blacks were still not accepted by British and French colonizers.

00:21:57 Talks about African Heads of state and how in 1958, Pan-Africanism became identified with North Africa.

00:23:06 Talks about how Pan-Africanism was the Negro ideology.

00:28:50 Talks about how Negritude can be seen from the negative and positive fazes.

00:31:10 Talks about social acceptability and how Africans tend to judge themselves by the model of their colonial masters.

00:34:29 Talks about how the purpose of Negritude and Pan Africanism, how it was to instill self-esteem and self-confidence in Black people and provide psychological preparation to help Africans in their search for new orientations.

00:38:59 Talks about how Negritude has been accused of being too preoccupied with the past.

00:51:44 Talks about how Black African’s attitude, sense of social acceptability, cultural orientation and the appreciation of their customs and institutions all indicate they are not fully themselves and how the purpose of Negritude is for Black people to be themselves.

01:00:55 Questions from the audience.

01:23:14 Audio ends.


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