Phylon: The Clark Atlanta University Review of Race and Culture

Welcome to Phylon, the peer-reviewed journal that W.E.B. Du Bois founded at Atlanta University in 1940. Phylon has moved from a quarterly to a semi-annual publication and each issue will be defined by a special topic of general interest to faculty in the humanities and social sciences. With each volume we will encourage joint authorship by academics from various disciplines so that not only is the theme of the article presented, but it will be discussed in a Du Bosian interdisciplinary fashion taking into account historical, political and socio-economic interpretations. We believe that it is time to recognize that many of us in nominally separate fields and disciplines are working on the same problem from slightly different angles.

The full text version of Phylon is only available to users within Atlanta University Center. Individuals outside of the Atlanta University Center may contact the editor-in-chief, Dr. Obie Clayton (oclayton@cau.edu), for subscription access options.

Current Issue: Volume 54, Issue 2 (2017) Phylon, Winter 2017



Phylon, Winter 2017
Obie Clayton