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Conference Proceeding

Publication Date

Summer 2015


The fluxuation in Alpha and Beta neural oscillations and the cognitive abilities of participants were invesgiated in correlation to eye movements during gameplay to study the relationship between working memory, brain activity and game performance. The purpose of this experiement is give insight into the causes of differences in individual working memory performace. The subjects sat in a sheilded room with Electroencephalography (EEG) electrodes placed along the frontal bone to target occiptal lobe activity. The subjects’ Alpha and Beta waves were monitored during closed eye rest, open eye rest and gameplay. The subjects’ eye movements were tracked during gameplay using an orginal program paired with the Eye Tribe Eye Tracker monitoring device. The program was written in C++ and developed in Visual Studio. The program recived and stored gaze coordinate data during two, three minute gameplay sessions. My specific role was to create the code used in the eye-tracking program. The code effectively captured the participant’s eye position up to 45 frames/second. Keywords: Electroencephalography, visual planning, working memory, C++, occipital lobe, eye tracking, visual analytics