The Society for the Study of Black Religion (SSBR) is the oldest scholarly society dedicated to the study and production of knowledge about the broad diaspora of Black religion. The first meeting was in October, 1970, with the society's mission to "engage in research and discussion about the religious experiences of blacks and to promote the teaching of these experiences in colleges and universities." A constitution was adopted that gave purposes for the Society, these are: 1) To engage in scholarly research and discussion about the religious experience of Blacks; 2) To publish reports of its discussions and research; and 3) To encourage the teaching and discussion of the Black religious experience in the curricula of college or university departments of religion and theological seminaries. For more information on the collection as a whole, please visit the Society for the Study of Black Religion collection finding aid

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Submissions from 1982

Kelly Brown’s Critique of Black and Feminist Theological Responses to Patriarchy: Racial and Sexual Oppression, Kelly Brown, Cornell West, and Henry Mitchell

The Task of Ethics for Black Ethicists, by Dr. Peter Paris, Peter Paris, William DeVeaux, Cornell West, and Henry Mitchell

Submissions from 1980

Bob Bennett Lecture on Western Intellectual History and Black Presence in the Bible and Discussion of “Slave Religion the Invisible Institution in the Antebellum South”, Robert Bennett

Black Religion in America by Charles Long, James Cone and Charles Long

Noel Erskine and Black Liberation Theology and Book Reviews by Lynwood Walker, Lillian Webb, and James Washington, Noel Erskine, Lillian Webb, Lynwood Walker, and Jim Washington

Charles Long and Calvin Morris book Review of “Prophecy Deliverance” and “There is a River”, Charles Long and Calvin Morris

The Generic Structure of Afro-American Theology and Response by Cornell West and Book Review by Cornell West and Charles Long, Shelby Rooks, Cornell West, and Charles Long

Professor Robert Bennett’s Introduction, Boykin Sanders and Robert Bennett

Music in the Black Religious Experience and Rena Smart Book Review, R.M. Simmons and Rena Smart

Reflections on the History of the Society for the Study of Black Religion featuring Lawrence N. Jones, Gyraud Wilmore, Lawrence Jones, James Cone, and Charles Shelby Rooks

Submissions from 1979

The Role of Women in the History of the Black Church, Cecilia Bryant and Dr. Stokes

Black Women in Black Religion: Biblical and Cultural Basis for Oppression, Ella Mitchell

Black and Feminist Theology and the Christian Faith, Pauli Murray, Lillian Poe Webb, and John Cartright

The Bible in the Black Religious Experience by Boykin Sanders, Boykin Sanders, Thomas Hoyt, and Virgil Cruz