Charles Long and Calvin Morris book Review of “Prophecy Deliverance” and “There is a River” (video)

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1) West/Long review continued. Book Review, There is a River, by Vincent Harding. Reviewer- Calvin Morris. Audience response

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Society for the Study of Black Religion Collection

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In a continued review of Cornel West’s “Prophecy Deliverance” Charles Long describes how the terms primitive and civilized are the creation of discourse. He further explains the importance of Black religion creating new discourses that will adequately express Black reality and human reality. Calvin Morris also gives a book review of Vincent Harding’s “There is a River.” Morris considers and responds to the three main motifs of Harding’s work. He identifies those motifs as providence, violence and identity.

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00:00:07 Charles Long talks about problem of the primitive and the civilized is a creation of a discourse and how to get out of it is to destroy it.

00:01:55 Talks about what is important for Blacks in religion is to start creating new discourses which will adequately express their reality and reality of the world.

00:04:16 Unidentified man stands and questions are asked.

00:21:36 Calvin Morris talks about how he was struck by Cornell West presentation.

00:26:28 Talks about how the book “There is a River” attempts to make sense of Black corporate experience in America.

00:32:50 Considers three major motifs within Harding’s work. Providence, violence, and identity, and also Black apprehension and responses to those motifs.

00:33:19 Talks about how Black people saw God as one who acts in history and not like the majority of American’s who saw this activity with manifest destiny.

00:47:07 Concludes review.

00:47:26 Questions from the audience.

01:11:22 Video Ends.


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