[A Review of Current Feminist Literature in Relation to Black Feminism and Black Oppression] (audio)

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Lecture: A Review of Current Feminist Literature in Relation to Black Feminist & Black Oppression. Kelly Brown, Union Seminary, NY. Audience response. Annual Meeting


Kelly Brown

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Society for the Study of Black Religion Collection

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In this audio recording, Kelly Brown presents a paper on feminism and Black theology. In her presentation she discusses the advantages and disadvantages of both. There are questions following Brown’s presentation by those in the audience.

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00:00:05 Audio begins with Charles Long introducing Kelly Brown a student of Union Theological Seminary.

00:01:38 Kelly Brown talks about the necessity of studying the feminist approach and Black theology both the advantages and disadvantages.

00:08:33 Talks about how feminists have charged that Christianity and Judaism are sexists religions.

00:26:22 Talks about how women cannot afford to take a step that does not make social change and speaks against post Christian model.

00:33:43 Ends presentation.

00:34:21 Questions.

01:30:20 Audio ends.


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