[The Black Church: A Vehicle for Liberation and Social Change] (audio)

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Banquet Speech, Atlanta, GA. Dr. Benjamin E. Mays presentation, History of Black Churches. C.S. Rooks

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Society for the Study of Black Religion Collection

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This recording features a presentation by Benjamin E. Mays, featuring an explanation on the role of the Black Church in the liberation process in America. The presentation is taken over by Charles Shelby Rooks and James Cone after Mays has some difficulty. Each proceeds to read about the organization of the Black church and the help given by whites to the efforts of the Black church.

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00:00:08 Audio begins with audience applause and Benjamin E. Mays greeting audience with a story about death and sin.

00:02:37 Introduces the topic “The Black Church: A Vehicle for Liberation and Social Change.”

00:09:43 Benjamin E. Mays suddenly weakens.

00:19:12 Ends presentation.

00:26:53 Charles Shelby Rooks takes over for Benjamin E. Mays and continues to read his presentation about segregation of Blacks in White churches and how Blacks formed their own churches.

00:30:30 James Cone proceeds to read Benjamin E. Mays’ presentation.

00:41:24 Talks about the need for Black and remnant Whites working together to achieve freedom and justice.

00:44:59 Charles Shelby Rooks talks about the Association for Theological Schools, the 1969-1970 academic year, and the special committee on theological education.

00:49:54 Question and answer session.

01:01:56 Audio ends.


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