Black Religion in America by Charles Long (video)

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Charles Long Presentation at Opening Banquet

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Society for the Study of Black Religion Collection

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James Cone introduces Charles Long who gives a lecture presentation. In the presentation Charles Long discusses the work of James Cone and Black religion in the United States. He mentions Benjamin E. Mays, C. Eric Lincoln and Howard Thurman as influential in the study of Black religion prior to James Cone. Long explains how Cone’s work is a watershed in the study of Black religion. He also describes how Cone’s work sets a basis for assessing prior work in Black religion and how it plots new and different trends in theological study. Long concludes the lecture by posing questions for future study of Black religion in America.

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00:00:06 Unidentified man talks about the early years of the society’s life.

00:04:03 Unidentified man introduces James Cone of Union Theological Seminary.

00:06:11 James Cone says he has the privilege and opportunity to introduce someone who has had significant impact on his work (Charles Long) .

00:10:25 James Cone introduces Charles Long.

00:10:33 Charles Long greets those in attendance, and talks about the work of James Cone. He notes this work does not constitute the beginnings of the study of Black religion in the United States. Various authors before Cone like Benjamin E. Mays deal with some aspects of Black religion in America.

00:15:26 Talks about James Cone’s work being a watershed in the study of Black religion. Cone’s work sets forth a basis for which scholars can assess the work prior to his time and to plot new and different trends in theological study.

00:19:11 Talks about the distinctive character of James Cone’s work is the sustained systematic exposition and his theological critique of the oppressor from the stance of power.

00:21:30 Talks about the Fund for Theological education’s shifting resources to support doctoral studies in Religion for Black students.

00:26:23 Talks about C. Eric Lincoln’s contribution to Black religion. Also looks at C. Eric Lincoln’s book “The Black Experience in Religion”.

00:40:16 Talks about Dubois’ double consciousness.

00:47:22 Raises questions regarding where scholars may go and what they might do.

01:06:48 Concludes presentation.

01:06:56 James Cone gives closing remarks.

01:09:39 Video ends.


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