[Black and Feminist Theology] (audio)

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Side A: Pauli Murray, speaker. Responses by Lillian Doe Webb, John Cartwright. Side B: Morning Session, continued. A) Conclusion of Pauli Murray Presentation.

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Society for the Study of Black Religion Collection

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This audio features a presentation by Pauli Murray on Black and Feminist theology. In her presentation, she argues that Black theologians have not maintained a universal perspective. She also discusses feminism as a monolithic analysis. Pauli Murray’s presentation is followed by responses from Lillian Doe Webb and John Cartwright.

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00:00:06 Audio begins with conversation.

00:02:35 Unidentified man welcomes those in attendance.

00:06:45 Pauli Murray presents her paper, talking about why she conducted the research.

00:17:13 Talks about how Black theologians have not successfully resolved the dilemma of specific theology, that of maintaining a universal perspective in the context of particularism.

00:29:53 Talks about humanist perspective and women liberation.

00:55:54 Talks about the tendency of radical feminism to make a monolithic analysis and the need for feminism to broaden analysis.

01:12:31 Concludes presentation.

01:12:51 Observations and questions by Lillian Doe Web.

01:15:45 Talks about how Pauli Murray uses theory and how it yields to the political and economic dynamics of the problem.

01:18:38 Talks about how pro-Black theologians and feminist are seeking images of God that are meaningful to them in their struggle.

01:20:55 Concludes observation response.

01:21:07 John Cartwright gives a response to Pauli Murray, about how Plato did not draw a sexist conclusion.

01:22:18 Talks about how the Doctrine of God is the focus of Black theology and feminist theology.

01:32:30 Audio ends.


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