[Black Women and Ecclesiastical Concerns of the Black Church] (audio)

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Side A: Closing Moments of Pauli Murray session, presentation by Olivia Pearl Stokes. Side B: Thursday Morning, continued. Continuation of Stokes

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Society for the Study of Black Religion Collection

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This recording features a presentation by Olivia Pearl Stokes on the ecclesiastical concerns of Black women in the Black church. She discusses the book “Black Women in White America,” and also discusses Sojourner Truth. A response is given by Cecelia who articulates a response system to the ecclesiastical concerns of Black women.

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00:00:07 Audio begins with Pauli Murray discussing how the removal of racism is an integral part in the removal of sexism.

00:01:13 Dr. Gayraud Wilmore introduces the presenter Olivia Pearl Stokes and respondents Cecelia Bryant and Dean James Costen.

00:02:23 Olivia Pearl Stokes gives introductory remarks and thanks Dr. Gayraud Wilmore.

00:06:13 Talks about the challenges presented by the planning committee in seeking to explore knowledge of Black women and the ecclesiastical concerns of the Black church. These challenges are evident when it was discovered that a major study in 1972 of Black women in a White America had not research or data on Black women’s role in the Black church.

00:15:18 Talks about how Black clergy acknowledge the fact that without Black women there would be no Black church.

00:28:00 Talks about previous victorious experiences of Sojourner Truth in seeking justice.

00:42:22 Talks about how on the domestic front, Black church colleges were a professional and financial concern for denominations.

01:00:10 Talks about how the economic status of the Black male is stronger for the Black church woman to have the luxuries of life than in previous years.

01:10:55 Concludes presentation.

01:11:10 Cecelia Bryant gives greetings and responses to Olivia Pearl Stokes, articulating a response system to the ecclesiastical concerns of the Black church relative to Black women.

01:30:15 Audio ends.


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