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Summer 8-19-2013

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To promote teaching and research of the Shakur Collection, the AUC Woodruff Library held a two-day conference September 28-29, 2012, “Hip Hop, Education, and Expanding the Archival Imagination,” that explored Shakur’s life and work as well as Hip Hop archives and studies. Hop scholars, educators, students and artists from around the country convened for the event. Featured speakers included Dr. Mark Anthony Neal, professor of Black Popular Culture at Duke University; Dr. Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar, Vice Provost for Diversity and professor of History at the University of Connecticut; Kevin Powell, author and political activist; and Dr. Akinyele K. Umoja, associate professor and chair of the Department of African American Studies at Georgia State University.

These documents represent fifteen papers submitted by panelists at the 2012 conference. Information for each author may be found in the section entitled Panelist Biographies. The papers have been reformatted only to maintain similarity in font style and margins.

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